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School Security: Will Anything Work?


Following the latest school shooting in Parkland, Fla., is there anything else school systems can do to improve security?

Should Animal Cruelty Charges be a Felony?


A recent, massive animal cruelty situation in Jones Country, Mississippi shed light to the state's relatively lenient animal cruelty policies in comparison to other states. The Humane Society of the United States had to intervene to rescue the animals and provide them with appropriate veterinary care. The sheriff as well as many other animal advocacy organizations became involved with t

Children and Early Access to Technology


Are Children Using Too Much Technology?

Is Starbucks Racial Bias Training the Best Move?


Due to the unfounded arrest of two black males in a Philadelphia Starbucks, the chairman of Starbucks called for a nation-wide racial bias training. Do you think this will be effective in reducing racism in the workplace?

Roseanne Barr's Show Canceled: Racism or a joke?


"Roseanne" was swiftly canceled after a tweet form Roseanne Barr.

Do you support reddit banning certain subreddits?


Reddit, which has a reputation for allowing controversial content, has nonetheless banned certain subreddits over the past few years.

Does the Bachelor Support Healthy Relationships?


Do dating shows, like the Bachelor and Bachelorette, have the ability to negatively influence modern day relationships?

Should Dorsey Have Apologized?


twitter ceo forced to apologize for eating chick-fil-a during pride month

Does it matter how the media covers suicide?


After the highly-publicized deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, some people are taking a look at how the press can exacerbate things in the aftermath of celebrity suicide.

Was this Woman's Climb for Advocacy or Publicity?


On the Fourth of July, a woman from the "Abolish ICE" protest in New York decided to climb the Statue of Liberty to support removing ICE and keeping families together. Was this an act of advocacy or a failed attention-grab?

Social Anxiety


i have social anxiety and would like some helpful tips

Should women be allowed to breastfeed in public?


A mother was recently covered by a dishrag at a restaurant because she was breastfeeding.

How Far is Too Far with Name Calling and Slurs?


Samantha Bee recently attacked Ivanka Trump for her father's immigration policies. Surprisingly, many celebrities supported her and her crude comment.

Lesbian Couple Kicked Out of Uber


The couple claimed that it was motivated by their sexuality, but the driver (and now a judge) say otherwise.

Should unpaid internships be illegal?


Some argue that unpaid internships exploit young workers.

U of Chicago Drops SAT/ACT Score Requirements


The University of Chicago has dropped its SAT/ACT score requirements in an effort to attract a more diverse student body, but some people question the effectiveness of the change.

Should ICE be abolished?


A recent conversation has surfaced, primarily from the Democratic party, about the desire to abolish ICE from the U.S. department of homeland security. This is in response to the recent march and protests regarding "Keep Families Together" and the child separation policy (which has been since reversed). ICE enforces immigration laws which are important for the U.S.'s domestic safety. What do you think about ICE and its impact on U.S. immigration?

Should Celebrities Influence Political Decisions?


Should Alice Johnson have been pardoned? Should Kim Kardashian have had a role in it?

Is Spanking Children Effective?


Is "Internet Gaming" a Disorder?


The World Health Organization has recently added "internet gaming disorder" to its manual of psychiatric diagnoses, but many doubt that it exists.

Should Illinois Include LGBT+ History in Schools?


A bill was recently passed by the Illinois Senate which includes LGBTQIA+ history in history courses within their public schools. The role and contributions of LGBTQIA+ individuals to American history is often overlooked, so would do you support this bill (and potential law)?

"Rachel Divided": Identity or White Privilege?


In 2015, the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP's leader, Rachel Dolezal, was discovered to be a white woman from a white family even though she identified as black. This began an in-depth discussion of race, culture, choice, and privilege in U.S. society. Netflix created a documentary called "Rachel Divide" that explored Dolezal's life as well as continued the conversation of race and privilege. It provides perspectives from Rachel herself, her family, those who agree with her lifestyle, in addition to those who disagree. I'm curious - what do you think of 1.) Dolezal's stance and "transracial" identity and 2.) the Netflix documentary itself. Will you watch it?

SC Rules in Favor of Baker Who Refused Gay Couple


The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, but has dodged the larger issue.

Online Dating


Have you tried it? Is it negatively affecting our society?

Are Unhealthy Product Posts on Instagram Okay?


A popular fitness blogger, Michelle Lewin, recently posted a photo promoting a "carb-blocking", weight-loss supplement that allows individuals to "cheat their diet" and eat whatever they like, supposedly without gaining weight. These pills are potentially harmful, and Lewin has received extensive backlash after her post. Some argue that posting weight loss pills that claim to "block carbohydrates" can result in younger and impressionable audiences following unhealthy diet recommendations. What do you think? Should there be regulations on what social media influencers can support and promote? Was Lewin's post in poor taste?

What Can We Learn from the #MCRraccoon?


On Tuesday, the legacy of USB Tower in St. Paul, Minnesota was forever changed when a raccoon climbed all 25 of its stories to reach the top. People in St. Paul stood outside to watch his adventure whereas others from all over the country tuned into Twitter in fear of his safety. Looking at the larger picture, this event brought together people from all over the country in a time where unification often seems impossible.

Would You Move for $10,000?


Vermont's state government is paying remote workers with out-of-state employers to move there permanently. Would you take up this offer?

Should Seattle Ban Plastic Straws?


On Sunday, Seattle implemented a new ban on plastic straws throughout the city. Promoted by the Strawless Ocean Initiative, the reduction of plastic straws can lead to substantial environmental benefits, particularly on the ocean and wildlife that live in it. However, others claim a complete ban is unnecessary and restrictive. What is your opinion? Should the elimination of straws be a city-wide restriction or a personal decision?

Arm Teachers?: Let the Teachers Choose


I hear many teachers who are opposed to being armed say, "I'd die for my students." Without a strategy for self-defense? That may, indeed, be the result...

Jailed Over A Joke


Count Dankula was put on trial after making fun of Nazis