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November 8, 2017 16:29:18

If Donald Trump can be considered a viable candidate, so can a third party candidate.

November 1, 2017 19:08:31

The largest funder of medical research in the world is the United States government. Drug research is predominantly done by not-for-profits and drug production is done by commercial enterprises.

October 27, 2017 16:01:22

These kids brains are not fully developed yet and are very easily pressured into doing things they wouldn't do otherwise. For most of these kids, there's a point where they have learned their lesson and are no longer a threat to society.

October 18, 2017 18:48:57

Should news organizations be reporting things that they don't know all the facts about? That sounds a lot like Nancy Grace's show that (thank god) is no longer on the air.

October 10, 2017 17:19:47

This might work better for an academic debate where it doesn't matter the personalities of the debaters. For a Presidential Debate it is important to see how well a candidate controls the room and deals with people interrupting him/her.

September 12, 2017 18:20:16

Her security was definitely warned of her illness and told to keep it hidden. That's why they acted so nonchalantly. Whether you think she should have been more transparent about being sick is up to you, but you've never run for president. Everyone gets sick but a presidential candidate will be called weak and unfit for office if things like this get out.

August 26, 2017 16:05:55

@Trump4President2016 I assume you are a heterosexual male. So you go out partying one night and drink a little too much. Next thing you know you wake up in bed naked next to a guy and you feel sore. You don't remember having consented to anything and under normal circumstances you would have never slept with that person. Have you been raped?

August 25, 2017 16:01:18

That doesn't stop another player from hurting your kid. The helmets football players wear don't prevent concussions. They only prevent skull fractures.

August 19, 2017 15:39:38

France has every right to be angry, but taking that anger out on girls who want to go to the beach is not the best way to combat terrorism.

August 18, 2017 17:36:24

When they are anti-beneficial, I don't think they really care.

August 5, 2017 15:00:37

Ironically, the only ones who can instigate this culture shift are the corporations who benefit off of the two party system so much.

July 20, 2017 14:32:21

The game actually doesn't work over 20 km/hr (around 12 miles/hr). The whole point of walking or biking is to hatch eggs that have a distance requirement to hatch. Distance while moving over 20 km/hr isn't counted towards your eggs.

July 7, 2017 11:51:59

The family of the AR-15 inventor, Eugene Stoner, says he didn't intend it for civilian use. "Our father, Eugene Stoner, designed the AR-15 and subsequent M-16 as a military weapon to give our soldiers an advantage over the AK-47," the Stoner family told NBC News late Wednesday. "He died long before any mass shootings occurred. But, we do think he would have been horrified and sickened as anyone, if not more by these events."

June 2, 2017 19:44:06

Some people have disabilities that restrict them from being active and exercising. It's tough for someone in a wheelchair to stay in tip-top shape regardless of how well they eat.

May 25, 2017 13:22:49

The TSA doesn't stop terrorists then cover it up. The CIA might, but the TSA doesn't stop terrorists. How would that even be possible for them to keep it secret? The screening takes place in front of a line of hundreds.

May 9, 2017 16:40:29

Exactly, Ryan says that he's "not there yet." He isn't outright opposing Trump and he will eventually give his endorsement.

April 18, 2017 17:38:23

Like @AnitaBrewer said, authorities seized over $5 billion in assets in 2014. That is more than the amount of money lost in every single burglary that year. How is that not a broken system?

April 18, 2017 12:16:16

And people wonder why no one trusts cops. They are no better than the criminals they vow to stop. What a broken system. America's police state grows and the war on drugs has been a colossal failure.

April 13, 2017 20:29:08

The Religious Freedom law just makes it so pastors aren't required to marry a same sex couple. They are protected from doing so because it is against their religion. I believe that being sued because you denied to marry someone is inequality. We need to learn to coexist and stop shoving our own beliefs down other peoples throats.

March 29, 2017 14:05:46

Please give some examples of this corruption...

March 29, 2017 13:42:23

On the contrary, this generation seems to stand up for what they believe in. I think that makes them the opposite of "sniveling whimps." They work hard to rid our society of inequalities that hold people down.

February 23, 2017 20:30:53

People should remember him for this. This isn't something that should just be swept under the rug.

February 23, 2017 16:11:57

They may have banned it but it definitely still happens.

February 19, 2017 17:12:06

I wouldn't say 100% of the time. Abortion is definitely not a good thing, but it should be ultimately up to the woman to decide. Who knows, she may not be able to support a child financially, there may be a medical emergency which forces the mother to abort her child, or maybe she was raped.

February 18, 2017 20:28:02

LOL! Barely a sexual assault? A sexual assault is a sexual assault. Even the minor ones are extremely bad.

February 16, 2017 16:36:05

What government doesn't build roads, school, armies, and power. Are you implying that all developed nations are socialist because they all have public works? That is a terrible argument to make. Public works have probably been around since before ancient Egypt and socialism is a much newer concept.

February 9, 2017 16:29:48

If we put people on Mars, wouldn’t that mean there is life outside of Earth? But seriously, I don’t think that we can afford to be wasting all this time and money to TRY and answer some silly question that gets us nowhere. Humans have plenty of issues to worry about.

February 8, 2017 20:56:43

The military does not and will not enforce gender-neutral standards. Women enlistees are expected to do thirteen push-ups while a male enlistee is expected to do thirty-five. I agree that if the requirements were the same that women should be allowed in combat.

January 26, 2017 20:54:27

Yeah, they aren't harming anyone but themselves so leave them alone. It's their own body, they can do to it whatever they want. Smoking, on the other hand, is harmful to people around you and smells disgusting.

January 26, 2017 20:23:54

Looks like it will move to the U.S. if they strip it from Qatar!

January 26, 2017 19:37:51

Since 2000, there have been 64 acting oscars handed out with 9 going to black actors. That's 14%. The 2013 U.S. census had the black population at 12%. You can't expect there to be a 50/50 split when only 12% of the country's population is black.

January 21, 2017 16:25:11

Many professional Rugby leagues have higher concussion rates than the NFL and as these leagues are coming under the same type of scrutiny as the NFL. So lets keep this in mind before we make blanket statements. Also, helmets, as they currently are designed, do little to limit concussions. Concussions are mostly caused by the jarring of the brain within the skull; so unless helmets can redistribute inertia around the head then they remain primarily a function of preventing cracked skulls and broken bones. Finally, most long term NFL head injuries are caused by constant sub-concussive injuries, not an accumulation of major concussions.

January 21, 2017 15:17:50

This theory makes a lot of sense. I know the police didn't kill Halbach but they did really mess up with the investigation and in order to cover their asses had to frame Avery.

January 11, 2017 15:05:26

Inmates are not victims and do not deserve free stuff from society.

January 8, 2017 14:53:32

California has strict gun laws but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be stricter.

January 8, 2017 14:49:38

China has extremely low gun ownership and has had several mass killings in the past few years.

January 7, 2017 20:43:39

Behavioral therapy is the answer! Less than 1 in 3 children diagnosed with ADHD get behavioral therapy which should be the preferred treatment, not meds.

January 5, 2017 13:48:34

Climate change is cyclical! We have had at least five major ice ages in the earths past. Were those caused by humans? No, of course not. Climate change is not something that we need to spend trillions of dollars on trying, and most likely failing, to prevent.

November 24, 2016 20:02:20

I can see your argument for massive mega-churches in cities and such, but have you ever been to a rural church? They are usually made up of about 20-30 regular members who are usually pretty poor. The pastor is paid very little, if at all. The church can’t afford to hire choir coordinators or decent pianists. They can barely keep the lights and air-conditioning on. They are kept afloat by members passing away and leaving some money to the church. The members are usually very active in the community and taxing the church would take away from the help they bring to soup kitchens and homeless shelters. 

November 24, 2016 15:26:16

So then they will pay $17/hr. cleaning the bathrooms. Everyone gets paid more. Win-Win. 

November 24, 2016 15:09:20

Uber offers a much better service at a much better price than taxis, not to mention it is much safer. They don’t discriminate based on skin color and will service areas that taxis avoid. I use the app-based service all the time and it has been great. Ordering a car is easy, payment is electronic and seamless, and drivers are friendly.  

November 19, 2016 17:30:20

The league is catering to teams that run a vertical spread offense like the Packers and Patriots. These holding and illegal use of hands penalties are so subjective.  

November 18, 2016 21:50:09

'My solution is don't watch them' How? Theaters show about 10 trailers before the feature film starts. There's no way to avoid it.