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November 30, 2016 13:36:12

To say that women have the “right” to decide whether they have the baby or not is heinous. No one has the right to take a child’s life! Abortion is murder, plain and simple.

November 24, 2016 20:13:14

The issue is that they don’t exactly abide by these rules. For example, ministers are given a “parsonage allowance” that is essentially a tax free money to pay their mortgage. A lot of shady stuff goes on financially with religious institutions.

November 24, 2016 19:51:10

It can also make people violent and commit crimes. While it gives most people a sedating effect, others have reported fear, anxiety, panicking, and paranoia, all symptoms that can lead to aggression. 

November 24, 2016 15:29:43

Maybe you could hire more qualified employees that will boost profits.

November 24, 2016 15:22:49

With no tips, the maximum a server will make is minimum wage. With tips, the minimum a server will make is minimum wage.