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About Us

About Us:

We created RiotHouse as a platform where open debates on any subject can take place.  This was done in an effort to expose users to new ideas and thoughts as well as spark critical thinking.  We hope RiotHouse helps foster the idea that debates, even fiery and taboo ones, are a healthy component of society.
RiotHouse is the brainchild of Outsider Labs.  Outsider Labs was created as an open think-tank to bring to life the many ideas that have rattled around the office of a previous tech firm the founders owned. Ideas that range from customizable made in the USA clothing to useful apps and business software. Outsider Labs is designed as an open thinking tank with white board walls and coffee machines that run on a loop, where no idea is a bad idea (well maybe a few) and getting to work on an idea is valued more than talking about it or writing a report about it.
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