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Raised in a mainly Republican family, went full Democrat in college & that lasted until my first paycheck and addiction to news then evolved into a Libertarian - will see what comes next...

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March 28, 2018 02:05:53

So I read the article but isn't the middle-ground point to honor the 2nd amendment and allow legal gun sales but try and make it harder for mass shootings by banning high-round magazines etc...? Thinking we should start discussing the commonalities that CAN be addressed with legislation.

November 24, 2016 18:21:50

There are three forms of depictions of nudity; pornography, art, and science or informative. Pornography is and always should be age restrictive. Even though art and science portray nudity, they do it for a different reason than porn and honestly they are nothing like porn. There are too many overprotective mothers out there who think anything with a pair of boobs in it is going to take away their little Timmy’s innocence. 

November 24, 2016 15:11:54

Uber is not a taxi service. Uber is a technology that connects licensed drivers to people who need a ride. The drivers are independent contractors who use Uber’s software. The government shouldn’t be able to impose the same regulations they do on taxis because it’s a completely different service.