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March 23, 2016 00:18:03

An even more serious issue, that is a question of life or death, is if the father of an unborn child is fully able and willing to raise the child but the woman does want to go through the pregnancy. We allow the woman to choose but shouldn't the father have rights as well? We give all the power to the woman. The man should have a say in the future of his unborn child.

March 22, 2016 12:01:01

The original poster says that 18 year-olds are mature enough to vote, marry, etc. I would point to the divorce rate among those who marry that young and the percentage of that age group that even take the time to vote (lowest demographic group). Allow only those who are active duty military (that takes a raised level of maturity) to drink at 18. A better question is should the driving age be raised to 18?

March 22, 2016 11:51:10

Hard to see this passing on a national basis. The right wingers will oppose it on religious grounds and the left wingers will realize that if this were law all those statistics about gun deaths they like to preach would disappear.

March 21, 2016 19:18:48

Absolutely not! Do you realize that if you raise the MW to $15/hr that equates to $31,200/yr ($15 x 40 hrs x 52 weeks). That would be in the same range as some teachers and nurses starting salaries in some regions of the country. Do you really want to pay someone the same as a nurse when their job is placing slices of cheese on burgers?

March 21, 2016 19:11:59

It's already been legalized in several states and doing so has consequences. A few people have died and several more have been hospitalized. I don't know if we are on the right path always compromising our values or standards. Will we be better off with pot legalized? Probably not. What's next? Cocaine? Things aren't always better because we surrender to the moment. Is TV better today with all the smut (see Kardashians) than it was 50 years ago? Not really, just smuttier.

March 21, 2016 19:05:02

This is starting to get really scary. We all know about Hillary's problems with making smart decisions, telling the truth, and therefore her trustworthiness issues. We also know about Sanders math problems - he just can't take away enough of everyone's money to pay for all the programs he deems necessary. It sucks when the rich just aren't rich enough to pay the way for everyone else and people actually need to carry their own weight. Let's face it, not much of a choice there. However, the Republican side is even worse. We, and I say we as I've been a life-long Republican, are about to nominate a psychopath. He's pulling off the biggest con against the interests of this country since Joe McCarthy (look it up). The worst part is he, The Donald, himself is starting to believe the BS that comes out of his mouth. Let me state a few things; (1) I will never ever vote for Trump no matter who the other choices are; (2) I believe anyone who does is a f-ing idiot. So, if you support Donald Trump, you know my opinion of you. Therefore, please un-friend me because I prefer to engage with people with brains!

March 21, 2016 19:00:24

That's sad.