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April 29, 2017 12:51:53

Americans are often criticized for being largely uninterested and unaware of much about modern world affairs, cultures, etc, and some of this is fair. This is especially true when is comes to discussion of political systems, and the polarizing debates we get into about capitalism vs socialism, as if much of the modern first world's well-functioning social democracies flourishing in trade, business growth and social good do not exist. I see endless debates between Americans in the media, published articles, at cocktail parties and strewn across Facebook with examples of Stalin and Karl Marx referenced in comparison to unbridled greed and Wall Street Rules, as if there is no single shade of grey alive and well in the world today. Do Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Finland, New Zealand, Singapore and several others not present a range of examples that more closely align with some of the themes we debate today? Our choices are not limited to decisions between gulags vs.oligarchies, but rather many present-day in between choices that offer more relevant examples. Any argument referencing laziness vs hard work is frankly pathetic, and denotes weakness in grasping modern reality, if not outright ignorance. #knowthyworld