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Charlotte Riots


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Charlotte Riots

Sep 22
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The most recent police shootings in Tulsa and Charlotte have led to more rioting, this time in Charlotte. So, what better topic to discuss on RiotHouse than rioting. Rioting, in my opinion, is not an effective form of protesting. When you pillage and loot, you are a criminal, not a protester. What good does robbing and destroying a CVS, like they did in Baltimore, have towards a cause? None. All it’s going to accomplish is furthering the gap between civilians and police. It has also been reported that a majority of the protesters are not even from Charlotte. They aren’t destroying their own community; they are destroying other hard working people’s property who had nothing to do with police shootings. But that’s what BLM does, driving riots from Ferguson to Baltimore to Charlotte – and in doing so, undermines any effort toward racial unity. Americans are willing to mourn the death of innocents. But they’re not willing to pillory cops in situations in which they use justified force on suspects.


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