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Abolish ICE?


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Jun 30, 2018
Categories: Politics, Society

Abolish ICE?

The United States is a nation of laws. Some of those laws govern legal immigration. Who will enforce those if ICE is eliminated? Is this political posturing in an election year? An attempt, perhaps, to pander to the Latino demographic in the mid-term elections? Whatever it is, it is foolhardy. The United States must maintain its borders. ICE is an integral part of that reality. Let's consider for a second what would happen if the U.S. abolished the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). What would that do for the illegal drug trade? Bring it under control? Or make it worse?  With illegal immigration shaping up to be a big election year issue, ICE has become a pawn in that discussion. What is the motivation for calling for the abolition of this agency? Have agents of ICE committed crimes? Engaged in unethical behavior? Performed unprofessionally?  No. Liberals and progressives in Congress want to abolish borders. ICE is an obstacle in achieving that goal. Why don't these liberals/progressives introduce legislation to change the immigration laws? Why not remove the laws that ICE is empowered to enforce? Is it because it is a political loser on Election Day?


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