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Animal Testing


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Sep 4, 2016
Categories: Science, Society

Animal Testing

This is one of the most fundamental problems with humanity. We can’t imagine anything outside of our own experience. So when we try and determine the value or significance of another life form, it’s inevitably via comparison to us. This is an inherent flaw in the way humans think and one that makes it virtually impossible to objectively determine the worth of any other lifeform. Of course we value our own species over others, but that doesn’t justify torture and killing “lesser” forms of life. If an advanced alien race used us for medical research, I’m sure they could find criteria that applies to them and not to us, in order to justify what testing they do on us. For all we know, these lab rats are wondering what they ever did to deserve what’s being done to them.

Also, statistics show irrefutably that animal-based methods used in preclinical testing to select drugs for humans use are very unreliable. In fact, flipping a coin to guess how a human will respond to a drug is about as accurate as testing it on a nonhuman animal. 


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