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Anti-LGBT Laws


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Apr 12, 2017
Categories: News, Politics, Society

Anti-LGBT Laws

The new set of laws in North Carolina that are being referred to as the “Anti-LGBT Law” are under a lot of scrutiny. Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams have both cancelled concerts in North Carolina to protest these laws, but I’m not so sure everyone understands what the laws mean. They are not putting down the LGBT community or discriminating against them. The first law, The Religious Freedom Law, doesn’t even mention anything about LGBT rights. It merely states that you can’t discriminate based on religion. The other law passed is the transgender bathroom bill. It says that people need to use the bathroom of the gender that shows up on their birth certificate. The law is made to protect bathroom users from assault by trans people, which happens more than people think. Unless I am missing something, these seem like pretty standard laws that were made to protect, not to discriminate.


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