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Apple's New "Screentime" Feature


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Jul 23, 2018
Categories: Health, Society, Technology

Apple's New "Screentime" Feature

Apple recently rolled out a new set of features that includes a mechanism for tracking the amount of time spent on apps and the ability to set limits on usage time. It seems like it could be a great feature for parents to use to track and set limits on their children's screentime for overall phone use or even certain apps. You can set limits on specific apps to set specific goals such as reducing social media use by setting a limit on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, reduce web surfing time by having Safari or your browser lock you out after a certain amount of use time has transpired. Do you think this could help people use their phones less and develop more healthy use patterns or do you think the time spent on cellphones or certain apps would just shift to other apps that don't have limits or television? Hopefully this could help people set better limits on cell phone use, but it seems to depend greatly on the degree to which the user is willing to commit to the process.


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