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Apple Vs. The FBI


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Feb 17, 2017
Categories: News, Technology

Apple Vs. The FBI

The United States government and the FBI have demanded that Apple release a new version of the iPhone operating system that circumvents important security features. They want this because of the iPhone they have that is attached to the San Bernardino shooting that they haven’t been able to access because of Apple’s security encryption. The FBI says they would only use it for this one case, but make no mistake, creating this backdoor would give them a master key to all of our phones. They’d be able to access our messages, calendars, photos, everything! This backdoor technology, if created, would also make it easier for hackers and cybercriminals to access our information. We, and other tech companies need to step up and support Apple in their stance. If they lose, it will be precedent for the government to be able to access all of our tech products. 


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