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Are Esports even Sports?


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Apr 2, 2018
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Are Esports even Sports?

Countless websites have shown the statistics proving the rise of competitive video gaming or esports.  According to USA Today, more people watched the League of Legends World Championship Finals than the NBA finals.  Over 250 million people globally follow esports.  Despite this, it is still regarded as a fad and the fans are thought of as kids whereas the actual average age of video gamers is 35.  

Traditional fans have been upset that espn has decided to cover esports on both the tv and on their website because they claim that sports needs to be a physical activity.  But does the definition of "sport" really matter?  Espn covers the spelling bee too and I don't see too many people complaining about that. The highest level of esports requires an insane amount of hand dexterity, concentration, intellegence, and reaction speed.  In fact, many professional players retire in their early to mid 20's because their reaction speed starts to decline.


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