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Are Social Media Influencer Jobs on the Decline?


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Jul 24, 2018

Are Social Media Influencer Jobs on the Decline?

A popular social media influencer, Josh Ostrovsky (who goes under the social media name of “The Fat Jewish"), has direct advice for those in the influencer field: “Get a real job.”  He sees the extensive use of Instagram and social media sites for marketing and advertising as potentially entering a downfall.  Due to the rise of influencers, Ostrovsky is concerned that too many people are becoming influencers which consequently lowers the values of the already established ones: “Eventually there will be too many influencers, the market will be too saturated and the value of influencer posts will continue to plummet.  It’s a very standard value proposition.  The more people join, the more options there are for the brands – the less each influencer is worth.” 

Ostrovsky notices a difference in social media advertising from brands and companies.   It seems as if they “have shifted to micro influencers.”  Micro influencers are not social media influencers like The Fat Jewish, with over 10 million followers; rather, these influencers only have 50,000-25,000 followers.  Brands are more interested in looking at these smaller influencers in order to specify their message and/or products to targeted groups.  He finds that companies appreciate these strategically targeted posts and sponsorships in comparison to broadly marketed ones.    

To address this potential issue, Ostrovsky is starting a new career endeavor.  In addition to his Instagram account which posts memes, he is beginning a company that “reinvents wine”. This wine company, “Swish”, is co-founded with David Cohen offers different types of wines with unique names such as “White Girl Rose” and “Family Time is Hard.”  “Swish” is doing well financially as over 20,000 retailers to sell its products.   Regarding the founding of “Swish”, Ostrovsky explains, “People are starting to experience a little bit of social media burnout.  How many times can I look at your baby?  How many times can I look at a blazing, pink L.A. sunset, or your acai bowl, or your 5K?  So we wanna give people real things, and that’s part of the reason we created the wine.”

I found it interesting that someone who is in this field, especially with such a high position, is discouraging others from following the dream that he is living.  He makes good points about the over-surplus of social influencers that, in turn, devalues them as individuals.  I think Ostrovsky is making a smart, professional move by starting “Swish” at this time before he is no longer able to maintain a career on Instagram with The Fat Jewish accounts.

What do you think?  Do you agree that the age of social influencers is on the decline?  Is social media a sustainable career?  Do you think something will take its place?


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