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Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court?


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Jul 11, 2018
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Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court?

On Monday evening, President Trump announced his nomination for the Supreme Court.  As Justice Kennedy recently retired from this position, a replacement was needed quickly.  The President chose Brett Kavanaugh.  As a constitutionalist, Kavanaugh emphasizes the critical nature of our country’s Constitution and does not interpret this historic document to fit current social and political situations.  Kavanaugh possesses a strong background as a graduate from Yale University and Yale University Law School.  He is a professor at Harvard Law School, Georgetown University, and Yale Law School.  He worked for President George Bush as an Assistant to the President and Staff Secretary.  As a judge, he currently serves on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington, D.C.  This position is of extreme prestige and high honor.  Among his peers in the legal world, he received high praise and approval, even from law professors with liberal views (differing than Cavanaugh’s conservative views).  Personally, he is a devout Catholic and coaches girls’ basketball.  In his free time, he also serves food at food shelters in his community.   

As with every decision, there are opposing viewpoints.  Republicans and some Democrats support the nomination; however, with this going to the Senate soon, some Democrat senators are opposed to Kavanaugh’s nomination.  Senate Democratic Whip, Dick Durbin, is one falls into this category.  He said it would “be worth losing several red state (Republican) senators to block this nomination.” Other opposition is fueled by the question of abortion and the federal funding of Planned Parenthood, the U.S.’s largest abortion provider.  By watching the coverage for this announcement on Monday night, it was evident to witness aspects of the pro-life versus pro-choice debate in this decision.  Behind a news reporter outside of the Supreme Court, there were individuals holding “I Stand with Planned Parenthood” signs in addition to those stating “I am the Pro-Life Generation” which indicates the potential impact of the Supreme Court decision on American citizens. After reading this article in addition to any news coverage you may have seen, what are your opinions?  Do you think Kavanaugh will be voted in?  Do you think he was the best option for the Supreme Court seat?   Links (for article): and Link (for picture):


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