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Clinton Collapse


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Sep 12, 2017
Categories: Health, News, Politics

Clinton Collapse

Hilary Clinton collapsed this weekend at a 9/11 memorial. Here’s the video: You see her propped up against a barrier swaying back and forth before her aides throw her into a van. Her first excuse was that she just overheated and was dehydrated, but now they are saying that she has pneumonia. I have a hard time believing anything that the Clinton campaign says anymore. They knew she had pneumonia because she was diagnosed on Friday, so why did they lie about being overheated? Also, by the way her aides react to her collapse, you can tell this is not the first time this has happened. If this were a surprise, the first concern would be her health, not her image. Instead of going to the hospital, they took her to her daughter’s apartment. I think it is more likely that she has a worse ailment like Parkinson’s that her campaign is trying to hide for obvious reasons.


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