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Colonizing Mars


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Feb 8, 2017
Categories: Science

Colonizing Mars

Mars would be a wonderful place to explore, but even though it was a lot like earth millions of years ago, it isn’t at all today. For starters, it’s way too cold. Curiosity has recorded temperatures below -100 degrees Celsius and that’s close to Mars’ equator. Human beings could not survive those temperatures without technology. The pressure is also extremely low at about .6% of Earth sea level due to Mars having an extremely thin atmosphere. This means you would need a spacesuit to survive or your saliva and the moisture coating the interior of your lungs would boil. Another huge issue with trying to colonize Mars is the constant need of supplies from earth. There’s no way, especially in the beginning, that a colony would be able to produce all the food and resources themselves so they would need constant deliveries from Earth. Problem is, they aren’t very close. Imagine some sort of accident occurring where they need quick assistance from Earth. Well, it ain’t going to happen. For these reasons and the fact that it would cost trillions (a NASA spacesuit costs $2 million alone), there is no reason we should be trying to colonize Mars anytime soon.


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