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Constitutional Grounds for Trump's Impeachment?


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Jun 26, 2018

Constitutional Grounds for Trump's Impeachment?

While the Republicans have control over both the House and the Senate, making impeachment an unlikely threat to President Trump, many politicians have filed articles for impeachment against Trump ranging from Obstruction of Justice, Perfidy, Violation of Domestic Emoluments Clause, Undermining the Federal Judiciary, ect. Here is a full list of all of the articles currently on file by Democrats. Do you think that any of them create constitutional grounds for impeachment? A recent poll has found that there is nearly Nixon-era levels of support for Trump's impeachment (42% - Trump, 43% - Nixon). There was only 29% support for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. As long as the House and Senate remain under the control of Republicans, this is not a likely issue. But if the democrats gain control this fall, would there by constitutional ground for impeachment? (see poll numbers here:  


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