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Dangers Of Sanitizing Communication


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Dangers Of Sanitizing Communication

Gonna kick-off stating I think Alex Jones is a nutbag, he's an actor producing theater on multiple stages & I don't believe that he believes the stuff coming out of his mouth but it produces ratings & money... so there is that part.  Next I believe that Facebook, YouTube, etc have a right to ban whoever they want the same way NBC has a right to cancel a show - it's their platform, they created/own it and have no responsibility to cater to my individual taste or even the collective taste.  I've been a Howard Stern fan for 20+ years and have "suffered" (suffered in quotes) each time a network fired him (not comparing Howard Stern to Alex Jones in any way here).  So here it goes...

If we demand that communication platforms remove anyone we don't agree with, or those who spread known lies and fabrications or even dangerous ideas - then we are in effect asking those in power, whether it be businesses or government, to sanitize the world for us because we are unable to weed out false ideas on our own and are so sensitive that we must have the world sanitized for us.  Put another way, what is the difference between demanding that libraries or publishers ban books we don't agree with & demanding that online platforms ban communication we don't agree with?  My preference would be that my kids grow up in the real world where they learn to think for themselves and do their own research and are able to identify a nutbag rather than live in a sanitized world where those in power are weeding out communication they deem dangerous on behalf of society...


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