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DC Firefighter In Near Fatal Accident


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Aug 3, 2018
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DC Firefighter In Near Fatal Accident

DC Firefighter Dan Smothers Jr. was pinned between an Engine and a Ladder truck during a structure fire, severely wounding him. In the following accident report, it was stated that one of the things contributing to the calamity was his inexperience. He had recently been added to the team as a paid memeber after going through college and Fire Academy, never before being a volunteer, so he was a rookie. Smothers seems furious that they blamed his inexperience as one of the factors leading up to the accident, but I think it's justified. The article didn't mention anything about a probationary period, where he would have had 6 months to learn, and get experience without fighting. What also surprises me, is that he never volunteered when he was younger, he waited till he could be paid, which doesn't make sense if it was his "dream job". I just think that he shouldn't be so upset that he was a newbie, that's something he couldn't help. When a accident report is filed, member experience is always a large (if not the the main) factor of the accident, because it is true that the Emergency Services have their operations down to a science, using the national NIMMS system, leaving little room for human error. Do you think Smothers is right or wrong to be upset with the report? Why?


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