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Do College Rankings Help or Hurt College Decisions


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Aug 16, 2018
Categories: Education

Do College Rankings Help or Hurt College Decisions

Does the U.S. news survey and other top college ranking systems offer a smart way for students to make a college or university selection? It attempts to rank student's options on a national level and determine which institution offers students the best experience based on a variety of factors. Some people have criticized the rankings for focusing mostly on school's luxury items such as high-end gyms, dorms, recreational centers, and on-campus entertainment option. Reports have also come out about attempts to skew application numbers by passing out applications and encouraging as many students to apply as possible, even if they are not actually interested in going to the school, in order to boost application numbers; if the number of applied students is drastically higher than the number of students they accept or wind up having enroll then the school could appear more prestigous and selective to other potential applicants. Other critics say that the rankings focus too heavily on testing skills not academic potential, relying too heavily on test scores (ACT, SAT, ect.) rather than grades and skills. This may ultimately damage the quality and rigor of students admitted because students who test well aren't neccesarily the same students who could excell in research or a professional position after university.


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