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Do Teachers Need a Pay Raise?


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Jun 25, 2018

Do Teachers Need a Pay Raise?

Do teachers need higher salaries? They are one of the primary influences in a person's life during their crucial years in childhood and adolescence and arguably the most important pieces of a child's education quality. In order to become a teacher, a person needs to spend at least four year's in school, most likely six, but the pay rate for teachers is far below the pay rate of other careers requiring the same amount of education. A recent study from the Economic Policy Institute showed that teacher's weekly rates are 17% lower than other proffessions with the same amount of college education.  Another survey from NPR showed that teachers may have a very difficult time paying off student loan debt as a result of lower wages( The 17% pay gap is a new issue, "twenty-five years ago, the gap was just 1.8% ( 


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