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Elizabeth Holmes Should Go To Jail


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May 24, 2018
Categories: Health, News, Science, Technology

Elizabeth Holmes Should Go To Jail

Recently finished several articles on the level of deception at the hands of Elizabeth Holmes at Theranos and I'm horrified.  Not only did she lie to investors and falsify documents (which is a crime) but she was knowingly recording false medical data (another crime).  If this doesn't end in a massive trail and jail time then Martha Stewart needs to bake 366 pies and throw them at Holmes every day for a year and 2 on April 1st!

A few exerpts from the Wired article:

Since the miniLab was in no state to be deployed, Holmes and Balwani decided to launch with an older device called the Edison. That, in turn, led to another fateful decision—the decision to cheat.

...resignations followed...

...The resignations infuriated Holmes... The following day, the staff was summoned for an all-hands meeting in the cafeteria. Copies of The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho’s famous novel about an Andalusian shepherd boy who finds his destiny by going on a journey to Egypt, had been placed on every chair. Still visibly angry, Holmes told the gathered employees that she was building a religion. If there were any among them who didn’t believe, they should leave. Balwani put it more bluntly: Anyone not prepared to show complete devotion and unmitigated loyalty to the company should “get the fuck out.”


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