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Ethiopians in Israel


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Jun 11, 2018
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Ethiopians in Israel

Ethiopians came to Israel in two large waves. Though they were saved by Israel from ongoing violence in their home country, they were also not truly accepted as Jews. They had to undergo a forced conversion, take birth control and their marriages weren't recognized. The Ethiopians received housing in hotels or emergency buildings, often in suburb areas, very isolated from the rest of the country. This meant education and work opportunities weren't always available and this has had a negative effect on their integration. The Ethiopian community in Israel continuously faces problems in education, housing, health, employment, government bureaucracy and treatment by police officers. Dealing with many problems, the main problem remains discrimination, especially towards Ethiopian Israelis who were born in Israel, speak fluent Hebrew, feel Israeli but are still treated as second class citizens. This topic should be as more prominent topic in the Knesset. 

"Our attitude towards Ethiopian Israelis is a reflection of a social disease that exists in our society, which can be seen not only in the way we treat the Ethiopian community, but also how we treat Arabs and other minorities living in Israel." 


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