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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Food


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May 22, 2018
Categories: Health

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in Food

There are many different reasons a food can be genetically modified. Fruit, such as strawberries and grapes, can be enlargened to look more delicious in addition to removing its pesky seeds. Additionally, GMOs can remove pesticides (an often toxic substance used to kill bugs) on developing fruits and vegetables so that humans do not accidentally ingest them.

However, some studies have displayed GMO's damaging consequences on humans. Resulting in organ damage (specifically liver and kidneys), some individuals are worried about ingesting foods that have been genetically modified. A large company called Monsanto produces 90% of the United State's "genetically engineered seeds." Although large companies like Monsanto dominate the biotechnical market, most grocery stores label genetically modified foods in order for the buyer to be aware of what he/she is buying. 

Some people are supportive of GMO's whereas others are resistant: What's your opinion on this controversial topic?

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