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Gorsuch Betrayal or Common Sense?


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Apr 18, 2018

Gorsuch Betrayal or Common Sense?

James Dimaya was in the United States legally, he didn't jump the fence or swim the Rio Grande. When immigration authorities sought to deport him, he sued. Why? Because the law is "vague." Newly appointed Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch (Trump's first appointee to the Supreme Court) sided with the mostly liberal wing of the bench. What do we take from this? First, let's separate ourselves from the hysteria that makes this about a President Trump "smackdown." It isn't. The laws ARE vague, which is what makes immigration enforcement difficult.

President Trump, in pair of tweets, conceded this was a problem only Congress could fix. In an election year, that may prove to be very difficult. I doubt that any congressman or senator wants to take this on right now. But perhaps the timing is right and the Supreme Court decision will pressure Congress to take up the issue. We have been hearing for years about how we need to "fix" the immigration problem. It's only gotten worse. Fixing the law is not amnesty, it's clarity--clarity apparently needed.

Let's call on Congress to make the law VERY clear and narrow, so as to survive legal challenges. Enough with the vacillating application of our immigration laws. Enough with the empty rhetoric from politicians who say they want to "fix it." This is an issue of justice. If our immigration laws, especially as they apply to those here legally, are too vague to be consistently and effectively enforced, Congress needs to fix them. That Neil Gorsuch recognizes this is not a betrayal of President Trump. That Trump has called on Congress to get busy fixing the problem recognized by the Court? All eyes are now where they should be: Congress. Let's see what they do now.


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