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Gun control and gun violence


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Apr 28, 2018
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Gun control and gun violence

The US is the leading country in gun violence and I have always considered myself a proponent of stricter gun control. Coming from the Netherlands (that country in Europe where Amsterdam is) where my father and later on my brother had to go through extensive background checks, be a member of a shooting range for over year and be present at least once a month before receiving their license, and then once in possession of a license still had to keep their guns and ammunition in seperate lockers, American gun policies have always suprised me. The idleness of gun control and relevant laws were always the explanation for the country's gun violence, however, after spending more time in the States I can't help think this liberal approach of focusing merely on gun control, can never achieve the desired outcome. Yes, America lacks proper gun control, but more importantly, why does that result in gun violence? People in Canada own guns, but their teenagers seem to have a much lesser need to shoot up schools. It seems to be a part of American culture and I can't figure out why and how and what can we, what can America do? Perhaps options lie in public health care? Aside from background checks, imposing a ban on people under 21 and safer storage, how can we improve when it comes to the underlying reasons for America's gun violence? Not a clear statement, but would very much like to hear people's thoughts. 


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