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Homeschooling: Good or Bad for Children?


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Jun 28, 2018
Categories: Education, Society

Homeschooling: Good or Bad for Children? Homeschooling is on the rise. Is that a good or a bad thing? I have a personal experience. I am an educator also. However, I was not an educator until after my children graduated from high school and college. My wife and I homeschooled my daughter from 4th grade through high school. My son never set foot in a traditional classroom and was homeschooled through all of his grades, eventually graduating a year early, at 16. My wife gave up her job to stay home and be their primary teacher. I heard all manner of criticism: I was depriving them of socialization, denying them friends, or forcing them to live in a bubble, among others. I was going to make them awkward, introverted, and unable to cope with "real life." Hogwash...all of it. What did homeschooling really do for my children? Perhaps I'm biased but the biggest plus was socialization. They learned life from adults, not the peers. They learned to accept people, not cliques. They could be themselves, not what they needed to be for a certain peer group. They could exercise their natural curiousity, not be shushed by a teacher on a schedule or medicated because they were full of energy. We hooked both of them on reading. Both were reading Shakespeare at five. Both are avid readers today, reading dozens of books a year. Both of my children got into college and graduated, both got straight A's. Both were leaders in their peer groups. My daughter was a manager at her place of work. My son was elected as the captain of his football team. My wife and I made considerable sacrifices to raise them this way. We taught them a Christian value system. Both are married now. My son is a banker, homeowner, and landlord. He's 25. My daughter is a mother of three, operating her own home business, while homeschooling her children. She's 30. I look at the school system today: violence, bullying, and falling test scores. I saw students in my classes and wondered what they were taught in high school. Many of them cannot write at even a junior high level. Many of them don't read at their grade level. The present education system is a failure, in my opinion. Further, we spend way too much money trying to fix a "system," rather improving the education of our children. As long as the present system refuses it to correct itself, and children pay the price, school your kids at home. Make the sacrifice. It'll be worth it.


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