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How Young is Too Young for Wearing Makeup?


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Jul 18, 2018
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How Young is Too Young for Wearing Makeup?

If you ever investigate the “explore” option on Instagram, you would know there are many makeup, hair, and fashion videos to peruse.  These short, often 1-2 minute, videos provide a quick tutorial of how to do a smoky eye or curl your hair.  However, something I have been noticing recently is the “model” in these videos.  More often, I am seeing not adults, not teenagers, but children sitting to have full-blown makeup looks done by the makeup artist

This idea is more common than you may think – A 2013 study by the Renfrew Center Foundation measured that out of girls who wear makeup, 65% began to wear it between ages 8 and 13.  Additionally, one in five girls “who have worn makeup between the ages of 8 and 18-year-old have negative feelings about their looks when they don’t wear makeup, such as feeling self-conscious, unattractive or as if something is missing from their faces.”  As seen, many young girls, in particular, are beginning to wear makeup.  Not only that, but a substantial amount seems to be reliant on it to feel confident and comfortable with themselves. A Huffington Post article from a few years back, by Taylor Griffith, disagrees with this notion.  She questions why a young child (i.e. a 12-year-old in her example) would want “mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, foundation, and lip gloss.”  She believes the continual application and wear of makeup, especially on children and pre-teens, can be detrimental to their confidence and give them the idea that “their natural looks aren’t socially acceptable and that they should strive to enhance themselves.”  Thus, there is a case for young girls wearing too much makeup at too young of an age.

However, there are other opinions on this topic.  Some feel that makeup is just that…makeup.  It can be a fun pastime or hobby that does not necessarily equate to an integral part of a young girl’s daily routine.  Some children need to acquire permission to use makeup from a parent or caretaker and are not allowed to wear it every day; hence, regulations can be put in place.  Overall, the age at which a young girl starts wearing makeup does not hold as much significance as this Huffington post articles claims. 

What is your opinion on this topic?  Do you think some children/preteens are too young to wear makeup?  Does wearing makeup impact confidence and can this be harmful to a child or teenager?  If so, what can be done to reduce low self-confidence and self-worth?


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