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Immigration: Can We Ask Questions?


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Apr 25, 2018

Immigration: Can We Ask Questions?

President Donald Trump has tweeted about it. Conservative talk radio has warned about it. Many Americans are worried about it. This article lends weight to many of their concerns. Just who are we letting into the United States? Do concerned citizens have a right to ask? A right to know? Or a right to set very strict restrictions on who is allowed in the country? Should Americans sit passively by while seemingly impotent immigration policy allows the admission of admitted gang members into the U.S.? Allows the admission of persons who have sworn America as an enemy? Allows those who have participated in acts of war against U.S. soldiers oversees? Or those who publicly admit to actively subverting American law? 

Who, exactly, is coming to our communities and do we have a need to be concerned? Do we have the right to ask questions? Do we have the right to assurances that immigrants are not a threat to our communities? I believe, emphatically, that we do have the right to ask these questions and be given assurances that they are not a threat. This is not about being anti-immigrant. This is about common sense government. It’s about asking if our government is allowing more immigrants than it can safely process and pay for. It’s about asking if our government is ensuring the integrity of our immigration laws. Most Americans believe yes, we DO have the right to ask questions AND get answers. Our government needs to listen…and ensure that America’s security is their first priority. The immigration discussion has become a pawn in the war of competing political ideologies…at the expense of domestic tranquility. That needs to stop. Now.


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