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is it okay to flirt with girls these days


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Aug 7, 2018

is it okay to flirt with girls these days

a close friend of mine recently got suspended from school (it was only two days) because a girl thought she was being harrassed. my friend told me he was only flirting with her. my other friend, who was there, confirmed that. my friend (the one who got in trouble) had liked that girl for a while now and i don't think he was truly harrassing her, he's not that kind of person. the girl stated he was "looking at her funny, talking about her body, and sexualizing her." my friend said he was looking at her eyes (maybe once or twice he glanced elsewhere), and complimenting her dress, saying she looked good in it. now i don't understand how sexualizing someone is bad (in this situation, like sometimes its very bad) because isn't that what humans are designed to do? also, why did the falculty listen to the girl alone, more than my friend, who had our other friend as a whitness of the situation, supporting the truth. what do you guys think of this?


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