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Is the Netflix Series "Insatiable" Fat-Shaming?


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Jul 23, 2018
Categories: Entertainment

Is the Netflix Series "Insatiable" Fat-Shaming?

As soon as the trailer for Netflix's latest original series dropped, it was met with controversy. The new show, "Insatiable," features a depressed, bullied teen girl (Debby Ryan, wearing a fat suit) who loses weight after being punched in the face and having her jaw wired shut and returns to get "revenge" on her enemies. The show is labeled as a black comedy.

Many are criticizing "Insatiable" for fat-shaming. One twitter user wrote that "this is the oldest trope in the book of fat tropes...Fat kids becoming thin and attractive to prove all of the abusers they encountered wrong." Many have even called for the show to be cancelled, and a petiton on has over 100,000 signatures and counting. The description states that "this series will cause eating disorders, and perpetuate the further objectification of women's bodies."

I personally don't necessarily think that the show should be cancelled, but I do think the premise of it is wrong. For one, based on the character it presents, it assumes that all fat people sit around all day and eat and have no social life. Additionally, the character requires her jaw being wired shut to lose weight, which is also not true. I get that it's a comedy and not a documentary, but I can see a young, impressionable girl watching that and associating totally not eating with losing weight, instead of a healthy diet and exercise with losing weight. I think the plot of the show could have been accomplished without making the main character fat to begin with--she could still have an "ugly to hot" transformation and get her revenge. 

I suspect that all this critical attention will only attract more viewers, but that is what it is. I won't be watching it, but mainly because it doesn't appeal to me at all. What does everyone think? Is it fat-shaming, merely a stupid premise, or just your typical teen show? 



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