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Jailed Over A Joke


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Jun 4, 2018
Categories: News, Politics, Society

Jailed Over A Joke

Count Dankula, a popular YouTuber, was put on trial in the UK after teaching his girlfriends pug dog to react to ''Gas the jews'' and to raise his paw when he would say ''Sieg Hiel''. He videotaped it and was soon arrested and put on trial for "hate speech". Thankfully, he was only fined a small amount of 600 pounds. He was making fun of the Nazis, not encouraging it at all. At the beggining of the video, he says he's "going to turn the dog into the least cute thing I can imagine, a Nazi." He's comparing the Nazis to a pug. I'm sure they wouldn't have liked that very much. The main fact of the matter is that the government decided that it wasn't a joke, even though he said it was, meaning the government changed his own context. Is free speech under attack? What will happen if everything that can be interpretted as "offensive" is banned? Will the world be a better place?


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