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May 5, 2017
Categories: News, Sports

Johnny Idiot

Johnny Manziel just turned himself in to authorities for another domestic violence case. This coming not too long after he got accused of beating up his ex-girlfriend and rupturing her eardrum. If he is convicted of this assault charge, he could spend up to a year in jail. I have to say, what a waste of talent! He was dropped by the Browns after this last season quickly followed by his agent and Nike sponsorship. He drank and partied excessively knowing it would be the end to his career in Cleveland and clearly he hasn’t cleaned up his act since. No team should ever even consider picking him up ever again. His self-destruction is the worst I’ve ever seen and he seems to not care. Look at his smug smile in his mug shot Personally, this is the last I ever want to hear about the kid.


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