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Mexico Reports Highest Ever Homicide Rate In 2018


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Jan 28, 2019

Mexico Reports Highest Ever Homicide Rate In 2018

Mexico's homicide rate continued to skyrocket last year, making 2018 the deadliest on record for the country with an average of 91 deaths a day.

A report released by Mexico's Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection recorded 33,341 intentional homicides in 2018, a 15% increase over 2017, which held the previous record for the highest number of opened investigations with 28,866 cases.

Widespread violence over more than a decade has ravaged cities and towns alike, as drug cartels and criminal organizations appear to operate with impunity, facing few if any repercussions from law enforcement agencies that are rife with corruption or crippled by intimidation.

The exploding homicide rates pose an immense political obstacle for Mexico's new President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who, like his predecessors, campaigned on promises of rooting out corruption, and restoring law and order.

In Jalisco, where last September authorities were caught in a scandal for storing corpses in refrigerated trailers because local morgues ran out of space to accommodate the dead, the toll went up by 35 percent.

What is the solution here? More drug laws don't move the needle.

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