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Mother Asked to Prove Biracial Son Was Hers


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May 31, 2018
Categories: News, Politics

Mother Asked to Prove Biracial Son Was Hers

[Link to video below.]

Before boarding a Southwest Airlines flight, mother Lindsay Gottlieb was asked to prove that she was related to her biracial son. His birth certificate was requested, as his passport had a different last name, and since she did not have his birth certificate, she was asked to show a facebook post proving their relationship. Gottlieb tweeted about the incident, saying calling it "demeaning and insensitive, not to mention inefficient,” and Southwest Airlines later apologized.

The incident has angered many Americans, and many are claiming that the boy's race was the main factor in the request for proof, rather than his different last name. I'm a bit torn here. I agree that the child's race, paired with his different name, was the reason that extra proof was demanded. However, I also know that child trafficking is a horrible issue, and children who don't resemble who they are traveling with should be treated as potential victims. Although I'm sure it was a frustrating ordeal, I don't know if the incident deserves the amount of attention it has recieved because of its racial implications.

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