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MoviePass Shows Subscriptions are the Future


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May 31, 2018

MoviePass Shows Subscriptions are the Future

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe is somewhat of an enigma. The man who has his hands in the start of Netflix and top member of Redbox, has only seen nothing but sucess. His drive as the CEO of MoviePass is inspiring, and something that I believe gets unnecessary hate. What he is doing to the movie industry is astonishing, and ahead of the game. As the industry seemed to be in the decline and VOD services like Netflix were on the rise, MoviePass has reintroduced going to the movies as a positive and worthwhile experience. His approach to bring a subscription based model outside of online content, and into the physical world is impressive. In my opinion the subscription based model is here to stay, and can see it being adopted by more and more entertainment industries like Broadway. I think MoviePass is onto something, but unfortunately they may be a little too far ahead of the curve.


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