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NFL Pro Bowl


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Feb 1, 2017
Categories: Sports

NFL Pro Bowl

Simply put, the NFL Pro Bowl is a joke. The players don’t want to play in it, the fans don’t want to watch it, even the NFL doesn’t want to have it. The NFL Players Association president, Domonique Foxworth, said that Roger Goodell almost cancelled the Pro Bowl back in 2014. “To be honest with you, I was completely comfortable with eliminating it until I talked to the players, and they said they loved it and they want to be there.” But the players don’t want to be there! 45 players declined invitations this year, the most ever. The ones who do show up don’t try because they don’t want to risk injury. This makes it very boring to watch. The lack of importance ruins the emotional rollercoaster a NFL game can be. Instead, it’s more like a game of Madden where every play is a Hail Mary. There aren’t even kickoffs. The game is a joke and no one wants it, and yet they still play it. If you need any more convincing, just watch this video:


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