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No, Humans Are Not All Descended From One Couple..


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Nov 27, 2018

No, Humans Are Not All Descended From One Couple..

"All humans are descended from just TWO people and a catastrophic event almost wiped out ALL species 200,000 years ago, scientists claim." One recent headline read but further examination proves this to be ridiculous, including the fact that human skeletons older than this have been discovered.

From a recent Forbes article:

Finally, the archaeological record tells a different story. It used to be thought that our species was about 200,000 years old, which would fit Stoeckle and Thaler's data. However, in 2017 fossils uncovered at Jebel Irhoud in Morocco turned out to belong to our species, and they were around 300,000 years old. What's more, our lineage split from that of the Neanderthals (our closest extinct relatives) roughly 500,000 years ago, so arguably our species is 500,000 years old. 200,000 years ago does not appear to have been a particularly special time in the history of our species.

Science and religion are historically at odds and forcing the science part to match the religious part never seems to end well... thoughts...

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