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Jun 2, 2017
Categories: Health, Society


I just read an article written by an obese chef named Matthew Jennings. He is about to undergo a surgery because he says it’s his only option to losing weight. He calls his addiction to food “more powerful than heroin.” This movement in America where people blame being fat on genes and addiction has got to stop. EVERYONE can lose weight with proper diet and exercise. One of his paragraphs really stood out to me:

“I’ve had a good run. I’ve eaten 20-ounce rib eyes by myself. I’ve consumed whole roasted lobes of foie gras, smothered in maple syrup. Giant burgers. Enough cheese to clog the arteries of 10 men. Enough cured meats to pickle and preserve myself from the inside out. Bottles of wine at a time. Beer in excess. 12 packs, 20 pieces, sliders, and combos. I have done it all, from one side of the world to the other; I’ve downed goat and crocodile in Africa, slurped my way through Asian noodle shops, consumed truckloads of pasta in Italy, farmhouse cheeses and ales in the UK, tacos for days in a row in Mexico. I have eaten the world and back.”

NO WONDER YOU’RE OVERWEIGHT! You can’t blame anyone but yourself.


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