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Outright Fake News Rampant In All Major News Firms


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Jan 12, 2019

Outright Fake News Rampant In All Major News Firms

The growing list of outright fake news stories peddled by major outlets including CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News, NBC, etc is literally too long to paste here. A handful are included below. The question is what to do about it. I'm a news junkie & don't want to be uninformed but with the rise of Internet fact checkers more & more main stream news is proven to be false or at best poorly sourced & rushed to print. I hear liberals call conservative sources Fake News & vice versa but that's not the case. The problem is rampant with just about every source.

A few examples (I'm aware of the irony in using mainstream media sources to back my claims):
Washington Post Rewrote Fake Russian Hack of Power Grid:
New York Times has a rather large list of corrections on their own site for 2018 alone - not to mention the Jayson Blair affair and other known issues proving lack of fact checking within the NYT:
CNN, well this goes without saying but..
Fox News, similar to above...
LA Times duped into reporting fake UN story

I do fully understand there will be corrections from time-to-time but starting with the assumption most of us can agree outright fake reporting, lack of fact checking, and the rush to report is hurting our democracy what can we do? We won't stop reading and clicking, we naturally want to believe what we see in print but we're now skeptical and truly it's up to the media to fix the problem they created but will they? A recent USA Today headline reads, "Suprise! Young people don't trust the media"


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