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Panic attack sufferers - what works for you?


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May 23, 2018
Categories: Health

Panic attack sufferers - what works for you?

Never had a panic attack in my life, prided myself on being a cool customer.  Then, at 38 years old had a crazy panic atttack when sitting at my desk at work, thought I was going to pass out - griped the desk, sweating, then it went away.  Went to the doc and he suggested I cut out coffee and sodas - did that, still they come, driving, sitting, everywhere without notice.  Now I dred being around people, which I used to love, becuase I think if I get one everyone will notice and I'll have to leave - can't fly, go to dinners, it has consumed me.  I have read over 30 books, tried breathing, meditating, etc. and still they come - panic attack sufferers, what works for you (other than meds)?? Need advice!


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