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Plus sized model featured on Self Magazine


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Jul 1, 2018
Categories: Health, Society

Plus sized model featured on Self Magazine

Article link: Plus sized model Tess Holliday has been featured on the cover of Self, which is a digital health and wellness magazine. The cover, which features of photo of Holliday, reads "Tess Holliday's Health is None of Your Business." Editor-in-chief of the magazine, Carolyn Kylstra, stated that “Holliday identifies as a fat woman; we chose to give her a platform because she has insightful things to say about thriving in a world that devalues bodies of size. We also chose to feature her because size representation is necessary, especially for a national health media brand that can help guide the conversation about what it means to be healthy and how to make health accessible.” She added that a person’s level of health can’t be determined "just by looking at them." As expected, reactions to Holliday's cover have been mixed. Some people are praising the magazine for showing body sizes that aren't normally represented in the media. One commentor wrote "Thank you @selfmagazine for showing the world a range of healthy bodies." Others, however, disagreed, and one commented "this is terribly unhealthy."  I personally have nothing against Tess Holliday and I think that plus size models are very important, but I question the inclusion in a health magazine of someone her size. I agree that in most cases you cannot determine someone's health by looking at them, but once you reach a certain level, you cannot claim to be healthy, and I think Holliday has reached this level. This doesn't just apply to overweight people--the same would go for someone underweight. If someone is slightly underweight, they may be healthy, but if someone has a BMI of 15, they are undoubtedly unhealthy. I don't think Holliday should be attacked for any reason, and I agree that her health is none of my business. However, if she's going to be featured on a health magazine cover, then her health should be called into question. Would a health magazine feature someone smoking? What are thoughts on this?   


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