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Pokemon Go


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Jul 19, 2017

Pokemon Go

When I mention deadly video games, you probably think I am talking about games like Call of Duty that teach kids violence, but I argue that the deadliest video game ever was just released and it’s not what you would normally consider dangerous. Pokémon Go is a mobile video game where people “walk” around catching Pokémon. It is massively popular surpassing even Twitter and Facebook on daily usage. The issue is that people are so obsessed with it that they are being careless. Two kids fell off a cliff in California and a teenager was shot dead after trespassing onto private property white attempting to catch a Pokémon, and those are just while walking. To get Pokémon faster, you can drive your car around playing which is leading to people getting into car accidents, hurting themselves and others. The game should not function if you are going over 10 miles per hour. People need to be able to draw a line between the virtual and real. Being too engrossed in catching Pokémon is going to get more people killed.


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