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Political Polls


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Nov 7, 2017
Categories: News, Politics

Political Polls

Leading up to elections, a large part of media coverage is about discussing and interpreting polls. These polls, in my opinion, should not happen as they negatively affect the electoral process. Voters can be easily influenced by these polls when they should be voting on a candidate for who they are, not what their chance of winning is. It also makes it almost impossible for a third-party candidate to ever get elected. For instance, say I support Gary Johnson but then I find out he’s only polling at 5%. I’m much less likely to vote for him because I would feel like I’m throwing away my vote because he doesn’t stand a chance. If that happens to enough people, he loses out on a lot of votes. Also, I believe these polls aren’t very accurate. The samples they use only include people who are interested in political polling and that doesn’t necessarily reflect the country as a whole. 


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