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Recognition of the Golan Heights


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May 25, 2018

Recognition of the Golan Heights

Israeli prime minister Netanyahu wants to convince Trump to recognize the Israeli annexation of the Golan Heights. This acknowledgement has never even been considered by previous American governments.

In an interview with Reuters, the Israeli Minister of Intelligence Israel Katz claimed that a formal American recognition of the Golan Heights could happen as soon as in a couple of months. The Golan Heights belonged to Syria until Israel conquered the area during the six-day-war in 1967. After the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem earlier this month,  American recognition of the Golan Heights would mean another triumph for Israel.

The move of the US embassy and Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol, angered many Palestinians, who view Jerusalem as the capital of future Palestine. East-Jerusalem, the Arab part of the city, was conquered at the same time as the Golan Heights, in 1967. The annexation of both areas that followed in the 1980’s, is not internationally recognized. The White House has yet to confirm the consideration to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights.

According to Katz, this Israeli proposal is currently the most important topic on the agenda between the two countries. Netanyahu already raised the issue before, in his first visit to Trump after the president’s inauguration. The issue is of great importance to Israel, because American recognition would put pressure on Iran, who’s involved in the Syrian civil war. Earlier this month Trump decided to pull out of the international Iran nuclear deal that was established in 2015  between the US and other countries and Teheran, to prevent Teheran from becoming a nuclear power. “It is the perfect time for this move,” said Katz.

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