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Selfies are outta control!!


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Sep 27, 2018

Selfies are outta control!!

Recently got back from camping out West and everywhere I went I see folks of every age taking selfies in front of the Rockies, Yellowstone, hiking trails, signs, animals, etc. it was almost maddening. Then when I'm at the Grand Canyon learned someone died taking a selfie on the edge when they lost their footing.  Also, at the Grand Canyon I noticed an elderly couple, sitting quietly enjoying the view, surrounded by selfie takers.  I started to feel an extremem sense of sadness for these selfie people, they aren't enjoying the experience on their own for themselves, they clearly feel the deep need to share it - to brag.  Then...

Then I read this article in the NYT about pop-up selfie experiences and my sadness for the selfie takers reaches a new low low pit... The Existential Void of the Pop-Up ‘Experience’:

Are we losing ourselves to the extreme narcissistic need to constantly show the world our face and where we are - how do we get back to the ability to enjoy something or a moment for ourselves?


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