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Should 3D gun plans be publicly available?


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Aug 1, 2018
Categories: Politics, Technology

Should 3D gun plans be publicly available?


A gun rights group recently blocked downloads of 3D gun plans after a federal judge sided with states claiming that the plans could help terrorists or criminals obtain guns. The ruling temporarily blocked an earlier settlement that allowed the gun plans to be posted legally. The case will go back to court on August 10. 

Critics of posting the plans online are concerned because they do not require much knowledge to print and are usually printed with plastic, so could be snuck through metal detectors. Additionally, they would allow potential criminals to bypass background checks and are not traceable. Opponents argue that posting the plans is free speech. Additionally, people have pointed out that advanced 3D printers cost thousands of dollars and are not widely available for use and that the guns can usually only hold 1-2 rounds.

I don't think that it is smart to release 3D printing plans of guns, but I also think that it may not be possible to make it illegal. I don't think it's a good defense that the printers are expensive, because dangerous people who couldn't pass a background check could still have plenty of money. 

What do you think? Should 3D gun plans be illegal? Do you think they will be?


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