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Should ICE be abolished?


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Jul 5, 2018

Should ICE be abolished?

ICE, or Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, has been fiercely opposed by some in the recent months.  After the child separation policy became the cover of every newspaper and website in the country. ICE was commonly seen as a foe, rather than a friend.  In Washington D.C. and throughout the country, a march entitled “Keep Families Together” displayed citizens’ anger, hostility, and support for not only keeping families together but also more efficient and effective immigration policies.  Some have gone so far as to say that ICE should be eradicated from the United States. This CNN article is an opinion piece by Julian Zelizer that provides a preliminary background of ICE and the reasons for its creation.  After the tragedy of 9/11, ICE was created out of the homeland security department and policy.  The goal of ICE was and is to handle domestic immigration and naturalization laws.       There has been a call, particularly from members of the Democratic party, to abolish ICE in the U.S.  Zelizer believes it will “shift attention away from Trump and his hardline policies and toward an issue of government reorganization.”  In other words, the issues that the country is facing should be approached by finding new and better policies and laws, rather than removing committees and organizations within the government itself.  He also argues that ICE was not an extremely well-known governmental organization before this outrage surrounding child separation.  He compares it to the IRS which every tax-paying citizen is aware of due to its necessary nature.  There are positive, security benefits of ICE, and some will argue that it does provide further support to immigration policies and homeland security.  Their goals are to enforce U.S. domestic immigration policies while protecting U.S. citizens from harm. Additionally, many ICE officers have claimed they are doing the best they can in the situation at hand.   What do you think?  Would the U.S. government benefit without ICE?  Is this the solution to immigration, or do you think it’s a step in the wrong direction?     Link (for article): Link (for picture):


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